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11.07.2024, 19.00-22.00

SLAM JAM (No. 1)

SLAM JAM is a brand new concept that is a show form where improv jazz musicians and poetry slam poets work together in front of a live, participatory audience. There are 5 jazz musicians on stage and 5 poetry slammers. Each poetry slammer brings a pre-written poem of max. 3 minutes duration. 

Admission: 30 Dkk.
04.09.2024, 17.00-19.00

Children are little aesthetes: Presentation by pedagogue and cand. pæd. Alice Kjær.

What does aesthetics have to do with children? Author Alice Kjær will shed some light on this when she dives into her books and talks about the possibilities of aesthetics when working with children. 

Alice will talk about the role the senses play in children's being and learning and how we can create aesthetic and magical environments for 0-6 year olds that make them curious. So if you're interested in children and their aesthetic learning processes, grab a friend, colleague or family member and come to Café Ordgeist. Alice will be happy to answer questions along the way and there will be an opportunity to buy some of her books.
09.09.2024, 19.00-21.00

Women's courage: Author interview with Trine Christensen

The book ‘Kvindsmod’ by Trine Christensen - former Secretary General of Amnesty - was published on 5 March by Lindhardt og Ringhof. In it seven different women tell their own stories about how they have made and are making a difference in the world with great courage. In this author interview at Café Ordgeist in the centre of Aalborg, Trine Christensen talks about the creation of the book and the conversations with the seven women and their female courage.

The publisher writes about the book : KVINDSMOD, seven inspiring women share their powerful personal stories. In their own way and from their own backgrounds, they have chosen to put themselves and their lives on the line to make a difference in the world. They have faced adversity, doubt, failure, and fear, but they have each found their inner strength and unique voice. At the same time they have broken expectations of how women should act, look, lead, love, and live. In the book they speak honestly about the experiences that have helped shape them.

Previous events

08.06.2024, kl. 13

The “Yarned” Read aloud: Zoyâ Pirzâd - narrator: translator Shahin Aakjær

Yarned Read Aloud - Ordgeist presents live readings of literature for people who love crafts and words ! 
Bring your craft, whether it's knitting, embroidery, stramaj or lace, and come and listen to a skilled and relevant reader read literature that relates and creates threads of connections.

The first in the Yarned Read Aloud series features short stories by Iranian Zoyâ Pirzâd with Shahin Aakjær as reader. Zoyâ Pirzâd is one of the biggest names in modern Persian literature. Her short story collection ‘... like all other afternoons’ was published in Danish last year and is a look into the daily lives of Iranian women and the drudgery they can feel trapped in.
13.06.2024, kl. 17-19

Author interview - Ida Maria Forster on her debut novel ‘Lilacs and Dust’

Author Ida Maria Forster makes her debut on 26 May with the novel ‘Lilacs and Dust’ published by Grønningen1. The novel is set in Aalborg in the early 2001s, but also takes place in war-torn Iraq. Sofie is 19 years old and has just started university in the city of Aalborg, where she is from. She has an unrequited love for her 20-year-old friend, Karl, who is a deployed officer in Iraq. The novel is a sad, poetic snapshot of youth in Aalborg and a very unique coming of age story. Now you can meet the author of this new Aalborg novel when Ida Maria Forster takes the stage at Café Ordgeist in Aalborg.

07.06.2024, 19.00

Adriano Trindade - A new experience - Brazilian jazz and samba rock

Berlin-based Brazilian singer and guitarist Adriano Trindade performs an intimate concert at Café Ordgeist. Trindade is the perfect match for a summer concert with his soft tenor and songs about love in the summer night. His guitar playing draws on Brazilian jazz genres and mixes Samba Rock and
Bossanova like braids crossed with Trindade's beautiful vocals.
01.06.2024, kl. 11-12:30

Emma holten - about the book ‘Deficit - on the value of caring’

The author, debater and political activist Emma Holten emerged in the media at a very young age as a strong and relevant voice in the debate on revenge porn, gender views and the right to consent. She is now releasing a critically acclaimed but highly debated book about feminist economics, the importance of care and the bizarre pricing of it. You can now get a unique opportunity to meet Emma Holten at Café Ordgeist in Aalborg. It will happen on Saturday 1 June, 11-12:30, where we will interview her on stage. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and buy the work UNDERSKUD and get Emma
Holten to sign it.
30.05.2024, 20.00-22.00

Open mike night #5

Café Ordgeist will once again open the microphone ‘Mike’ and let it open up to the audience and the 12 readers from across North Jutland on Thursday 30 May.

Rule #1 is: each speaker has 5 minutes and rule #2 is kindness.

The genres are completely open, so the audience doesn't know if they'll get a poetry slam, a poem, a song, a recitation, a drama piece, a novel extract or a short prose piece. We look forward to seeing you at Open Mike Night at Café Ordgeist's stage.

Do you want to read or know someone who wants to try it out? Then write to Claus Nivaa immediately on Messenger and you'll get one of the 12 reading spots.

29.05.2024, 18.30-21.00

Mikael k: Songs and words from the North

Experience songwriter and singer Mikael K in conversation with journalist Bent Stenbakken about Ord fra Nord and how a life lived, an experience and an experience can be shaped into a song. When words and music interact to make us wiser about life and ourselves. In addition to the conversation, there will
also be room for an intimate concert with Mikael K. The flow of words in the conversation may be interrupted by singing and guitar playing along the way.

Cultural journalist Bent Stenbakken,, has followed Mikael K. for a number of years and together they will explore the North Jutland troubadour's song universe and try to connect the personal life story with songwriting. It will be an evening of great anecdotes, redemptive laughter and lots of good songs wrapped in hopefully wise words.

You can eat from Café Ordgeist's menu at the concert - and please let the café know beforehand !

08.05.2024, 19.30-20.30

The sound of a fair tomorrow - visions

‘The Sound of a Just Tomorrow - Visions - Reading and Music’ is a music, reading and book event in collaboration between Den Grønne Ungdomsbevægelse Aalborg and Café Ordgeist. The evening includes an author interview and presentation of the book ‘Retfærdig Naturbevarelse’ published by Den Grønne Ungdomsbevægelse, music from guitarist Casper Dybdahl, a writing workshop on visions, and finally a reading on Café Ordgeist's stage. Along the way, there will of course be the opportunity to buy the book ‘Fair Nature Conservation’. Admission is free.
03.05.2024, 19.00-22.00

Concert: slag Lund & Olesen
(Trubatur 2024)

The two unique Danish songwriters Slagger Lund and Olesen will embark on a so-called ‘Trubatur’ together in 2024. It will be evenings of new and old Danish-language songs exposed to guitars and dirty singing - and between songs there will surely be some uncle anecdotes and tall tales. 

Look forward to a fantastic evening on Café Ordgeist's fine little stage with song-poetry from the top shelf of the Sangskat shop and some cool troubadours with tales straight from the belt and bootstraps.
26.04.2024, 19.00-22.00

Words for hefty - a greeting from aalborg's word jugglers to jonny hefty

One of Aalborg's most important voices, rapper and jack-of-all-trades Jonny Hefty is going through a difficult time with a cursed illness. Hefty has and has had a huge impact on all the creative environments in 9K, from art and street art circles to the rap and hip hop scene, the rock scenes, the literature festival and the poetry slam scene.

This evening, Aalborg's word jugglers and verbal equilibrists from several different environments, including the rap scene and the poetry slam scene, come together to pay tribute in poetry slam, spoken word poetry and rap to Hefty. They give their WORDS FOR HEFTY.

On the night, the whole team and the audience will be raising money for Hefty and his daughter Luna so they can have a great experience together. Admission is free, but get there early as we'll be packed with good people, fools and words as we salute and honour Hefty.
25.04.2024, 19.00-22.00

Open mike night #4

It's spring - there's a ‘MIKE’ microphone - there are 12 readers - there are 5 min. for each - there is one audience - there are 2 halves - there are words above and on the line - there is Ordgeist. 

Drop by for an evening of words and voices on the mic. 

Enjoy a glass of vino, beer or a soda. 

We look forward to seeing you at the café for OPEN MIKE NIGHT 4. Write to Claus Nivaa on Messenger if you want to be on the list of speakers. 

Admission is free
17.04.2024, 19.00-21.00

Book Bingo #4

Try Book Bingo at Café Ordgeist. You can win the latest book titles both translated foreign and Danish. 

We play by 1st row and full plate over 2 x 3 rounds with a cosy break in the middle. 

In total, the ticket entitles you to 2 banko game discs and a drink voucher for our good organic speciality coffees and filter coffee or a beer from Nibe Bryghus or an organic soda/juice from Naturfrisk or a glass of red or white wine. 

We look forward to seeing you again for a good game Book Bingo at Café Ordgeist!
06.04.2024, 17.00-18.00

Ordkraft Afterparty: The sound of tomorrow

Artistic Director of the Writing Programme at the Danish Talent Academy, Louise Juhl Dalsgaard, introduces students from the school's Writing Programme as ‘The Sound of Tomorrow’ - a reading AfterParty after Ordkraft 2024. 

Students from the Danish Talent Academy take the stage at Café Ordgeist and give samples of texts and text types that are softened in the casting ladle before being hardened for publication. 

Come and hear The Sound of Tomorrow on the Café Ordgeist stage. Admission is free. 
The readings take place as a matinee during the café's opening hours.
23.03.2024, 10.00-11.30

Children's book bingo (Easter special)

It's Children's Book Bingo for Children and Adults together again at Café Ordgeist. And this time, of course, it's an Easter Special, as it's just before Easter. 

We're playing for great new children's books on full disc, and guess what we're playing for in the first row? ---- Easter eggs of course! 

You buy a ticket for DKK 150, and this is valid for both 1 child and 1 adult together. For the ticket, each person receives a drink voucher for a juice, a soft drink, a speciality organic coffee, a tea or other beverage + a game board each for the bank game. 

 So get into the Easter spirit and play Easter Special Children's Book Bingo at Café Ordgeist.

21.03.2024, 19:00-21:00

Open Mike 3

Ordgeist Literary Club and Café Ordgeist offer another great round of wordy fun on the café stage :
12 readers
2 rounds
1 cosy break in the middle

All (un)imaginable genres, stories and puns in play
2 rules :
1) 5 min. for each reader
2) Please...

Sign up with Claus Nivaa with a message on Messenger. Then you'll be on for your full 5 min. in the spotlight in front of the friendliest audience in town! 

See you on 21 March at Ordgeist.

20.03.2024, 19:00-21:30

Book Bingo

Book Bingo is back at Café Ordgeist. You can win the latest book titles, both translated foreign and Danish. We play by 1st row and full plate over 2 x 3 rounds with a cosy break in the middle. The ticket entitles you to 2 bingo discs and a drink voucher for our delicious organic speciality coffees and filter coffee or a beer from Nibe Bryghus or an organic soda/juice from Naturfrisk or a glass of red or white wine.
14.03.2024, 19:00-21:00

Debate: satire and improrap with Ham the Long, daddy dearest and shahin Aakjær

Café Ordgeist proudly presents : DEBATTLE rap show where Battle-rap meets DR2 Debatten - with Ham Den Lange, Klaskefar and Shahin Aakjær! Political satire, rap and improvised sing-along choruses when DEBATTLE takes to the stage at Café Ordgeist based on the audience's ideas. Every show is unique, and this time it will be extra unique !

DEBATTLE is made up of the best freestyle rappers on the Milky Way - Ham Den Lange and Klaskefar, with Shahin Aakjær as host and moderator. Get the experience of a lifetime with DEBATTLE on 14 March - Battle-rap meets DR 2 Debatten's political debate. An interactive but uncontrollable jukebox. Your only safe-space in a cold world - for the first time in Aalborg !

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